Featured Services

Drop-off Disposal

Drop-off Disposal
We invite Landscapers, Contractors, Municipalities, and Home-Owners to bring their Vegetative Waste or Clean Wood to our facility for processing and recycling.

On-Site Services & Grinding

We have the equipment and experience to come to your site to process and remove your vegetative-waste or land-clearing debris. Call us for assistance on your project.


Mulch Supply
We offer Dark Natural-Hardwood , Colored Mulches, and Hemlock Mulch. We provide Pick-up and Loading at our location, and Bulk Delivery to your location.


Topsoil Supply
Environmental Renewal LLC of Woodland Park, NJ supplies the healthiest top-soil to landscapers, homeowners, and businesses.


Compost Supply
We supply top quality, special formulated, 100% organic, natural compost for productive plant growth.

Container Services

Container Services
We have the right size Container for your project. You can have a container delivered and removed with just a phone call.