Natural Organic Hardwood Mulch
All of the natural wood-waste processed from tree parts, logs, and stumps is double-ground into a dark, rich aged 100% natural mulch product. This material contains no recycled wood or pallet wood; contains no additives or preservatives.

Mulch Supply

Color Enhanced BLACK, BROWN, and RED Mulch
Our color enhanced or “colorized” mulch is produced using the highest grade of colorant available in the industry. The colorant is a 100% natural product and safe around all landscape and plantings; also is safe around children and pets. Colorized Mulch will last longer through the year and look vibrant in color longer than any other landscape ground-cover available.

Hemlock Mulch
Hemlock mulch is a natural wood mulch that is derived from finely shredded hemlock wood, bark, and branches. The natural red and orange tones in the wood are enhanced during the drying and aging process. The orange, red, and burgundy tones of hemlock mulch add rich color to landscape beds and garden areas.

Dark, Rich Top-Soil
Our Top-Soil is a dark, rich, loamy material; high in nutrient content and pH balanced for optimum performance and quality. We offer convenient pick-up at our location, or truck load quantities are available for delivery.

Organic Compost
We offer a 100% Organic-Natural Leaf Compost that is dark, aged, and nutrient rich. Compost is an excellent planting medium and soil amendment, providing a healthy food source for your soil and plantings. Bulk delivery or pick-up is available at all times.